Sessions and Classes

Colibri Sessions and Classes

Individual, Group and Business Healing Sessions are offered in person, long distance and as excursions into nature. Many options are available in the realm of healing; these would be tailored to an individual, group, or business’ needs. They might include: clearing of heavy, congested energy and illuminating with pure, clear energy; removal of invasive energies; soul retrieval; power animal retrieval; fire ceremony; and despacho (intricate and elaborate offering of gratitude for healing and balance).

Destiny Work creating energetic pathways to align with a future of abundance. Divination, destiny retrieval and vision quest are the primary tools for connecting with a future that will bring balance and abundance. Healing work may be required for destiny work to be effective.

Colibri offers Medicine Wheel classes based in the Peruvian Andes medicine traditions for children and adults. We emphasize nature-based teachings with work in each of the four cardinal directions. Rites of passage, individual healing, skills for adapting to life challenges and building bonds with nature are primary topics for this amazing body of work.

We also offer Advanced Shamanic Training for adults that explore nature-based shamanism at a deep level. Designed to involve all of the senses and to refine and hone skills in journeywork to acquire information and to access the ancestors, spirits of nature and celestial influences. Ceremony and ritual work are emphasized to open the practitioner for developing their own path of knowledge and practice.

For more information, to inquire about the next scheduled workshop, to set up classes in your location, or to schedule an appointment, contact Anita